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iconDate: 05/30/2017, 08:33:02 AM CDT
Name: Carmen Cuneo
From: Richmond VA
Email: Carmen Cuneo
Comments: I miss being a twister so much. Your team is your family. Everyone is caring and sweet and if you're looking to join the twisters, I highly recommend.
iconDate: 05/07/2017, 07:51:38 PM CDT
Name: Christina
From: Chesterfield, Va
Email: Christina
Comments: I can't wait to jion you guess. Yall are a great team.
iconDate: 04/26/2017, 03:19:34 PM CDT
Name: Kyle
From: Pittsburgh
Email: Kyle

I wanted to take a minute to wish you guys good luck at the D2 Summit.

iconDate: 02/17/2017, 01:34:41 PM CST
Name: Michaela Sullivan
From: Chester, VA
Email: Michaela Sullivan
Comments: I thought y'all did AMAZING at this recent cheer comp! I cheer for Full Force and yall did so well! the girls' unis are stunning!! <3
iconDate: 11/01/2016, 02:22:51 PM CDT
Name: zyier liddelow
From: richmond va
Email: zyier liddelow
Comments: my biggest dreams is to join richmond twisters cheerleding i have their twice for gymnastics and a had fun now i really want to do cheerleding because i have friends that are on the team and really enjoy it also i have been looking at videos of richmond twisters and i really enjoy wacthing them and i enjoy it .
iconDate: 07/20/2016, 08:37:40 AM CDT
Name: Sydney
Email: Sydney
Comments: I'm so happy to be on the team for RT
iconDate: 05/20/2016, 02:16:37 PM CDT
Name: eniyah moore
From: richmondva
Email: eniyah moore
Comments: i will like to be on the twisters someday
iconDate: 03/17/2016, 03:55:10 PM CDT
Name: Ryan
From: Twisters
Email: Ryan

so happy we are going to summit this year i love florida

iconDate: 12/07/2015, 09:28:51 AM CST
Name: Mariah
From: Twisters
Email: Mariah

I am so happy for J3 and Youth!! I hope I can be back soon with my amazing team!

iconDate: 11/07/2015, 10:53:17 AM CST
Name: Mariah
From: Twisters
Email: Mariah

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry for leaving at the last minute but my grades come before anything else. To my team J3 I will miss everyone so much but to all of you I will still be cheering for you at comps and u guys are the best team I have ever been on but things happen.  I love every single one of you and I'm so sorry about what happened but you guys will figure out what to do and I cant wait to see you guys cheer at the twister rally!!

iconDate: 09/25/2015, 10:20:51 AM CDT
Name: Mariah Lewis
From: Twisters
Email: Mariah Lewis

I'm so happy for tiny drizzle their doing amazing their so much fun to work with!

iconDate: 07/29/2015, 07:40:51 PM CDT
Name: Allie Adams
From: New Kent
Email: Allie Adams

Had the best J3 team last season, even though I aged out ths year.  I can't wait to see what this season to come has to offer :)

iconDate: 04/20/2015, 03:17:30 PM CDT
Name: Mariah
From: Twisters
Email: N/A

Shout to youth 1 for their first National title at the last comp go HAIL

iconDate: 03/03/2015, 11:37:27 AM CST
Name: Jacky
From: Richmond Twisters
Email: Jacky

Shout out to Junior Eclipse for an amazing job at Jamfest MegaJam Norfolk! First Place and a paid bid to US Finals!! You girls are a great group of athletes and we are so proud of you!  Thank you Lisa and Dabney for pushing our kids to be their best and bring it to the mat!  heart



iconDate: 02/23/2015, 07:33:53 AM CST
Name: Mariah
From: Twisters
Email: Mariah
Comments: My two teams J2 and J3 rocked it at the comp we both got first place so proud of all of then love this girls First win for J3 But second win for J2 love my twister fam
iconDate: 12/17/2014, 09:29:02 PM CST
Name: alayna
From: junior eclipse
Email: alayna

love this team its been the best 2 years of my life ;) i cant explain how much i enjoy this gym, you guys are like my 2nd family!! i love to support all the amazing teams!! i want to give a shout out to youth hail, you guys have came so so far, i'm very very very proud <3

iconDate: 12/04/2014, 01:36:45 PM CST
Name: Bryona
From: Twisters
Email: Bryona

I miss you guys so much, I hope y'all do very good this season. see you soon !

iconDate: 08/11/2014, 02:08:00 PM CDT
Name: Tootie & Lyric
From: Original Twister now FAME Supermodels/Hollywood
Email: N/A

Good Luck this Season Twisters!! Love the new Website and Lyric and I will be there to shout HooRah!!!

iconDate: 07/25/2014, 12:39:50 PM CDT
Name: Alexia
From: Twisters
Email: Alexia

I am so hype for this years j2 team. We have seriously talented girls and our team will kick butt.

iconDate: 06/21/2014, 03:33:19 PM CDT
Name: Mariah
From: Twisters
Email: Mariah

This season will be the best with new and old friends we will really become a team and family.

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