Richmond Twisters Mission Statement

The “East Richmond Gymnastics Center” opened April 4, 1992 providing recreational gymnastics classes.  Two years later, our gymnastics teams were formed and in 1998, we expanded our program to the cheer world.  And the “Twisters” were born!

Over the years, we have worked with some amazing students and shared with them many successes.  There is a great sense of “Family” in our organization and life-long friends have been formed along the way. 

All Star cheerleading is an amazing sport.  It provides great physical exercise, but also allows athletes to build their self-confidence and self-esteem while learning to work with others in a structured atmosphere.  There is no other sport that requires as much teamwork.    Working together as a team and then going out in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people provides a level of confidence that helps these athletes in all aspects of their lives. 

Cheerleading is a very difficult sport.  It demanding, exhausting and can be frustrating at times.  It is important to us that our athletes learn that when things are the toughest, that’s when you work that much harder.  

When our hard work comes together, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing a victory with our teammates that we’ve worked so hard with to achieve the same goal.  We study the score sheets after each competition and work very hard to provide our athletes with the best chances possible for winning.  Winning is very important to us; however, it isn’t our TOP priority….. 

Our top priority is making sure that our students are SAFE, have FUN and leave our program a well-rounded person.  There are life lessons in every activity that a child does. 

Our students are taught that hard work pays off. 

That working together with your teammates is the only way to victory. 

That “winners never quit and quitters never win”. 

How important attendance and being on time is. 

How to win graciously and accept defeat with dignity. 

How to be respectful to coaches and teammates.

How to be a team player.

How to make and accept changes under pressure.

How to strive for their best and the dedication that it takes to get there.

How to communicate when frustrated.

“You never know what you can do until you try”.

How to take corrective criticism.

To be tough, realize the hard work that this sport takes and to never, never WHINE!

All Star cheerleading is a very physical sport and there are sometimes bumps & bruises that come along with it.  We are very safety cautious and train our students with drills preparing them for the more difficult skills.  We provide spotting while students are learning and make sure that each student understands exactly what they are doing.  It is not often that any of our athletes suffer major injury and we pride ourselves on that.   

We hope all of our athletes leave our program feeling they have learned valuable lessons they can carry with them through life and that they will feel pride in being a TWISTER FOR LIFE!

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Lisa Holloway, Owner, Head Coach

It's hard to believe that Twenty-Nine years ago Coach Lisa started it all! Coach Lisa is definitely everyone's favorite coach, she treats each child as if they're her own! On top of running Richmond Twisters for the past 29 years, Lisa has also coached the Varina High School Gymnastics Team as well as the VHS sideline and competition cheerleaders for many years. Lisa has judged many all star cheer competitions and loves putting her judging skills to work during practices. She received the "Hall of Fame" award at Varina High School for the many years of her coaching. She enjoys spending her free time at the river, out shopping, riding on her jetski, or with her two kids & three grandchildren. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite candy is Twizzlers! You can always find Lisa laughing and smiling with the kids around the gym! Thanks for all you do Coach Lisa :)

McKinley Small, Director, Coach

Emily Burke, Gymnastics & Tumble Coach

McKayla King, Gymnastics & Tumble Coach

Kaila Woods, Gymnastics & Cheer Coach

Marysa Helms, Pre-School Gymnastics Coach