Twister Angels

Twister Guardian Angels

The Richmond Twisters have been honored to meet so many amazing people along our 22 year journey.   Sadly, two very special Twisters are no longer with us physically, but are always with us in spirit when we take the floor.

April Marie Hart
April was a member of our very first gymnastics session when we opened our doors in April of 1992.  She was a member of our gymnastics team and later our cheer teams.  In high school, she became a part of our gymnastics coaching staff and in college she joined our cheerleading coaching staff.  She was a member of the Dean’s List at VCU and studying to be a teacher.   Her huge heart, beautiful smile and love for kids made her a special part of our Twister family.

Shelby started in gymnastics and later joined our Tiny’s team.  Her passion for cheerleading and her teammates was one of a kind.  She was a true leader and a true performer.   At such a young age, Shelby battled cancer and taught us how to fight, how to stay positive when you’re dealing with the worst and how to live life to the fullest.  Her mother Leslie Bowery coaches our Tiny’s and continues living out Shelby’s passion for cheerleading.

Melissa was a member of our Twister cheer program for many years.  She started on our very first youth team, competed on our undefeated Junior team and was member of our Senior team.  She was kind, funny, talented, dedicated and extremely hard working.  She graduated from Varina High School and went on to graduate from Longwood College’s nursing program.  Melissa is missed by all.


April, Shelby and Melissa Bears 
And now you know the meaning of our bears and how special they are to us! <3